252 WiLWood 13” & 14” Front Brake Packages For GT, TA & TA2 Front Suspensions with 18” Wheels I have raced & won with Wilwood brakes since the early 1980s. I’ve been a distributor since then too. While not as feature rich as the StopTech brakes we run in Road Racing, Wilwood is a good brake and great choice for track cars, especially if the budget is a little tight. Wilwood came out with the Aerolite 6 Calipers in 2014 with a built in bridge adding a lot of rigidity. These are by far the most rigid caliper Wilwood has ever offered. We do NOT run the standard piston sizes (4.04” Area). We upsize the pistons to provide 5.40” piston are to achieve the stopping power we need. This caliper will handle that extra force, where a lot will not. I must have 100+ clients on these brakes & they love them. These Track Brakes come standard with BP-20 Brake Pads RSRT / Wilwood Brake Package Options: Wilwood Aerolite 6 Package w/13.06” x 1.25” Spec-37 Rotors Package Includes:  Wilwood Aerolite 6-Piston Calipers  Large 5.40” Piston Area  Choice of pads to match activity  RSRT Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounts  RSRT Full Shim Package for Locating  1.25” Wide, Slotted Spec-37 Rotors  High Grade Cast Iron Material  RSRT Billet Aluminum Rotor Mounts  12-point Grade 8 & 9 Hardware  ARP Super caliper studs w/12-point Nuts  Made Specifically for Track-Star Spindles & Hubs  Hubs not included RST #3513-TB 13” Rotors/Black Calipers $2299 RST #3513-TR 13” Rotors/Red Calipers $2299 RST #3514-TB 14” Rotors/Black Calipers $2499 RST #3514-TR 14” Rotors/Red Calipers $2499 Options:  Nickel Coat Calipers $180  Thermal-Lock 6 Pistons $420  Stainless Brake Lines $69.99  Black-Coat Brake Lines $75 Track Brakes