242 rear Sway Bar Kits Track-Warrior 3-Piece Rear Sway Bar Kits  Rates Pre-Engineered for Your Set-up  1” OD x 48 Spline - Widths from 26” to 40.5”  Speedway Chromoly Heat Treated Sway Bar  Tubular for Weight Savings  7075 Billet Aluminum Arms  4 Close Usable Adjustment Holes  Two Available Arm Length Ranges – Each with 4 holes: 9.75” to 12” & 6.75” to 9”  Splines clocked for Accurate Placement & Interchangeability  End Links w/Rod Ends & No-Bind Spacer Kit  12-Point 170,000 PSI Bolts w/Nylocks  Choice of mounting methods below Note: While we can make almost any arm arrangement achieve the sway bar rates we want … you get finer tuning changes with the long arms if you can package them in your rear suspension. PLC Part # 3-PIECE SPLINED REAR SWAY BAR KITS Price RST 5710-STP-28 1.00" 3-PC REAR SWAY BAR & TUBE KIT - 28 599.00 RST 5710-STP-30 1.00" 3-PC REAR SWAY BAR & TUBE KIT - 30 599.00 RST 5710-TBD-TBD 1.00" 3-PC SWAY BAR & TUBE KIT - 9" ARMS 599.00 RST 5720-TBD-TBD 1.00" 3-PC SWAY BAR & TUBE KIT - 12" ARM 599.00 Pillow Block Mounts I always prefer mounting sway bars in tubes with bushings. But, there are times, on some cars, where the rear panhard bar needs to go, either you can’t put a tube with bushings to hold the sway bar … or you could, but you wouldn’t be able to get the sway bar out once the tube was welded in. The solution is often utilizing Pillow Block Mounts. Steel Mounts with a bronze liner. Bronze Lined Pillow Block Mount Kit  Pair - Steel Body w/ Bronze liners  1.00” ID  Low Profile Race Car Look  12-Point 170K PSI Mounting Bolts  AN Washer & Nylock Nuts RST #5930-K $129 Sway Bar Racer Tip: Sway Bars actually shorten as they twist. If you don’t have a gap between the sway bar arms and the inner bushing … when the chassis tries to roll … the sway bars will bind up. The car will have NO grip. I had a driver come back from a run & complain his car was loose. I asked, “where is it loose?” He told me it was loose everywhere & undrivable. I told him exaggeration doesn’t help. He said, “Ron … it’s loose on the straights!” Crap! I knew we had a sway bar bind. I walked over to the car & saw where my inexperienced crew guy “fixed the gap.” After opening the gap back up to my standard 1/8” each side (1/4” total) the driver went back out & put the car on the pole! Any suspension bind can take a good car & make it evil. – Ron Sutton Suspension Components