236 Suspension Links There are 5 kinds of suspension link tubes & we carry them all to meet your needs for building 3- Links, 4-Links, Lower Links for Torque Arms (aka Trailing Arms or Control Arms), Watt’s Links, Panhard Bars, Tie Rod tubes & more:  DOM Swedge Tubes  Hex Aluminum Tubes Direct Threaded  Thick Wall DOM Steel Tubes Direct Threaded  DOM Tubes with TIG Welded Billet Threaded Ends  4130 Tubes with TIG Welded Billet Threaded Ends DOM Swedge Tubes are a light weight & low cost due to the swedged ends where the ends are compressed down to a smaller OD & thicker wall where the threads are. About 25” is the longest these 1” OD x .095” x ¾” threaded versions can be, due to strength concerns. Ours are Allstar brand & black powder coated thinly. They have a knurl on the end with left hand threads. We ONLY use these in our Base TT & budget suspension kits. 1-1/8” Hex extruded aluminum is another light weight & low cost option due to commonality of the extrusion and direct threaded end. Ours are Allstar brand & black anodized. We ONLY offer these as an option in our Base TT & budget suspension kits. Thick wall DOM tubing, cut to length & direct threaded is strong & relatively affordable. The only draw back is they are heavier. We use this strategy ONLY on our stepped Watts link tubes. Once you bend something … especially twice .. like we do in our stepped Watt’s tubes … it has to be thicker, stronger steel to maintain its shape. DOM Seamless tubing & 4130 Chromoly tubing, with TIG welded billet steel threaded ends are much more expensive to make. One billet steel threaded spud that goes into the tubing ends cost as much or more than a whole swedge tube or aluminum hex tube. But they are a lot stronger. We need two threaded spuds … and they need to be TIG welded by a crafstman into a cut & cleaned piece of DOM or Chromoly tubing. 4130 Chromoly tubing is 50% stronger than DOM & twice the price.  We use DOM tubes in our suspension links 18” or shorter for TA2, TA & GT 3-Links  We use 4130 tubes in our suspension links 19” or longer for TA2, TA & GT 3-Links The DOM tubes are 3-4 times more expensive than swedge tubes & Hex aluminum … and Chromoly tubes are 5-6 times more expensive. But the strength & durability in your rear suspension is well worth it in our opinion. Our DOM & 4130 Tubes with TIG Welded Billet Steel Ends come gloss black powder coated, relatively thick. The billet steel end with left hand threads has a Hex for a wrench. We intentionally made the hex smaller than most so it uses a 1” wrench, which is more common in tool boxes than the 1-1/4” wrench needed for most spuds used in 1-1/4” tubing. Suspension Components