22 Build-your-own complete suspension package 67-70 Mustang & Cougar – level #3 71-73 Mustang & Cougar – level #3 What is included?  Ron Sutton Full Setup Tech Service #24 o Ron works out your suspension setup for you o You Griggs K-Member per Ron’s Guidelines  RSRT AutoX-Star Control Arms w/Screw In Ball Joint Cups o High Caster & Motion Ratio Upper & Lower Control Arms  Howe Super-Duty Ball Joint Package o Stud Height Optimized for Geometry by Ron Calcs  Griggs GR40 Bolt In/Weld In K-Member  RSRT 3-Piece Weld On Front Sway Bar Kit o Rate Optimized by Ron Calcs  RSRT GTR Super Duty Spindles o With Adjustable Steering Quickness  RSRT GT Super Duty Hubs & Bearing Package o Road Course Capable – Requires 3.08” Wheel Center  RSRT Pro Bump Steer & Tie-Rod Kit  RSRT AutoX-Star Upper Shock Mounts  Borgeson 600 Series Steering Box & Install Kit - 12.7-1 o Column Adapter –Choice of U-Joint or Rag Joint  Chassisworks Torque Arm w/Crossmember  RSRT Lower Link Package & C/O Shock Mounts  RSRT Double Adjustable Low Roll Center Panhard Bar  Hellwig 2-Hole Tunable Rear Sway Bar Kit  RSRT/Ridetech Single Adjustable Front & Rear Shocks o With Ron Sutton Famous “Secret Sauce” o Track-Star High Grip Valving  Draco 9000 Series Quik-Response Springs o 2.5" ID Coil-Over Springs Front & Rear o Rate Optimized by Ron Calcs  9" Ford Rear End Housing with 3” OD Tubes & Large Bearing Ford Torino Ends o Upgraded 4140 Alloy Axles – Flange Style with Timken Set20 Bearings o Upgrades: Deluxe Filler Cap, Drain Plug & Axle Access Hole o Rear Suspension Brackets Welded On RST #8567/72-L3K $12,799 Complete RST #2567/72-L3K $8098 Front RST #5567/72-L3K $4751 Rear Ford Suspension Packages