218 3-Link - More Brackets & Adjuster 3-Link Chassis Curved Mount Tube Kit – For ALL RSRT 3-Links  1-3/4” x .120” Wall DOM Tubing Curved Upright  Upright Bent & Cut Flush to mount to back of 2”x 3” Cross Member  2” Spacer Tube is same 1-3/4” x .120” Wall DOM Tubing  2” Spacer Tube is notched on 90° Different Planes  Notches on one end welds to the Upright  The notch on the other end welds to your roll cage Seat Back Bar  Brackets marked “F” shown only for visual aid. (Not included)  Works with with Decel Brackets A or B + 1 or 2 from previous page  Allows use of clamp on Accel Link Adjuster  Include a pair of special gussets - shown below  These gussets weld to your roll cage Seat Back Bar & wraps around & welds to the short Spacer Tube … to provide rigidity. RST #5330-1 Curved Tube Only $44.99 RST #5330-K Curved Tube Kit $69.99 RST #5330-K2 Kit w/2nd Spacer $76.99 RST #5331-K *Straight Tube Kit $59.99 RST #5330-K2 *Strt Kit w/2nd Spacer $66.99 * The Straight Kit works best … and only … when your Cross Member is behind the roll cage main hoop. Quik-Tune Top Link Adjuster – 4” of EZ Adjustment  A Quik-Tune Top-Link Adjuster lets you dial in Your rear grip  Need more grip on exit? Lower it Down  Need more grip on entry? Raise it up!  It is Quick & Easy with jack screw operation This is not a typical aluminum Panhard Bar Adjuster  The concept is the same. But there is 4-5 times more force going through this than the typical panhard bar.  Ours is CNC machined from Billet Steel & Zinc Coated  Brass Bushings in Double Shafts provide Zero Deflection  Clamps on the 1-3/4” tube above, instead of brackets  This is so awesome I made it standard on GT &TA 3-Links  It is optional on TT & TA2 RST #4940-1 Quik-Tune Top-Link Adj $399.99 Remote Rod Kit for Easy Cockpit Adjustment  You need this Extension Rod to access the Quik-Tune Adjuster through the sheetmetal covering your 3-Link  Monoball stability flange rivets or screws to sheetmetal  Top Cone is for ½” Direct Ratchet Operation RST #4941-K Gloss Black Anodized $99.99 Suspension Components