202 Ball Joints Howe ball joints are simply the best. The proprietary material they use on the studs is awesome in my opinion. I’ve had other “Racing Brand” ball joints break on my race cars … and do serious damage. The Howe studs take a lot of force before they bend … but they bend … not snap off … like the cheap ass ball joints do. When people’s lives depend on it, I use Howe. We take it to a higher level. We do NOT run Howe’s ball joint housings with aluminum caps. Not top or bottom. On the upper Howe Ball Joints, we use the more expensive steel caps. On the bottom, we use the WAY more expensive, Extreme Duty 300M LBJ housings, with Steel Cap & locking ring. Plus the fact we can dial in the load & make them ZERO STICTION …can you say GRIP? We rarely sell ball joints with the standard length studs. Because I optimize each Client’s geometry, each client needs different length upper & lower studs to achieve optimum. So we buy our Howe Part joints as Housings & studs … not assemblies. This is more expensive, but a small price to pay to achieve the grip & cornering my setups are famous for. We always throw in dust boots. In our UBJ & LBJ kits include a special grease I found that handles whatever load we throw at it. Howe Zero Stiction Lower Ball Joint Package  Pair of Howe Extreme Duty 300M LBJ housings & Steel Cap  Pair of specific length studs, tailored for your geometry  Pair of dust seals RST #2450-L Custom LBJ Package $229 Howe Zero Stiction Upper Ball Joint Package  Pair of Howe Steel Cap housings  Pair of specific length studs, tailored for your geometry  Pair of dust seals RST #2450-U Custom UBJ Package $209 Howe Zero Stiction COMPLETE Ball Joint Package  Upper & Lower Ball Joints as Outlined above  Special HD Grease for Ball Joints RST #2450-UL Custom UBJ & LBJ Package $429 Road Racing Lug Nuts - Fine Thread to Hold Torque  These are not the short, fat 1” Hex NASCAR lug nuts w/45° seat  Tall with 60° Conical seat for Aluminum Wheels  Made from 8740 Chromoly !  I suggest you buy an extra set. You won’t find these at NAPA if you damage or lose at the track RST #4181-5 1/2” NF & 13/16” Hex – Set of 5 $18.99 RST #4185-5 5/8” NF & 7/8” Hex – Set of 5 $19.99 Customized Ball Joint Lengths Suspension Components