183 Spring Accessories Take Up Spring & Tall Divider Sleeve If your coil-over spring comes off the seat during suspension travel (pitch & roll) the steel spring will rub on & KILL the threads on your aluminum coil over shocks. Do you need them? You’ll need to figure out if your coil-over shocks are traveling enough during normal roll , dive & squat. I find if you run soft springs … that compress the spring a lot at ride height … you do NOT need them. Where we need them is when we run stiff springs … especially the super stiff springs we run in the rear. They don’t compress very much, so during diagonal roll, they may come out of the seat. Get some of these & save your shocks. RST #7750-A 25# Take Up Spring 4” Tall $24.99 Each RST #7750-B Tall C/O Spring Divider $46.99 Each Short Spring Divider Lighter, shorter version of 2.5” Spring divider above RST #7750-C Spring Divider for 2.5” C/O $24.99 Each Coil-Over Bearings Ridetech Shocks come with Delrin Coil-Over Spring Seat bushings. These are an upgrade to full on Torrington style bearings if you want. JRI shocks don’t come with any. So get you some! You need 1 for each shock. RST #7781-1 Spring Bearing & Races $19.99 Each RST #7782-1 Ridetech Delrin Bushing $5.00 Each Coil-Over Spring Spacers Billet Aluminum, CNC Machined, Black Anodized, 2.5” ID Coil Over Spring spacers. Sometimes the solution is a shorter spring & spacers. RST #7799-100-2 1” Tall C/O Spring Spacers $35.98 Pair RST #7799-200-2 2” Tall C/O Spring Spacers $47.98 Pair Extra Exit Grip Strategy One of the keys to the Ron Sutton Race Technology strategy is utilizing seriously high rear spring rates around 550#-700#. This produces more front grip AND more rear grip. But what if we could get even more grip on corner exit ... without giving up any grip or speed on corner entry & mid-corner? This is a strategy to do that. If we normally run a 2.5” ID x 10” 600# rear spring and only compress it 1-1/4” … 750# of spring load. With this device, we can run a 3.0” ID x 12” 250# spring …. compressed 3” … to create that same 750# load. It fits on our coil-over shock like a spring does. Then, when we’re loading the rear springs on corner exit, it compresses like a 250#. More grip.  It is expensive, so only consider this when you’re looking for that last bit of performance. RST #7759-1 3.0” Spring Preloader $239.99 Each 5” & 5.5” Coil Spring Shims Need to shim up the ride height … or increase corner weight … in your regular coil spring car with 5” or 5.5” OD springs? These will do the job. RST #7769-125 1/8” Thick Shim $5.69 each RST #7769-188 3/16” Thick Shim $5.99 each Suspension Components