163 Note about Wheels, Drive Plates, Studs & Lug Nuts: I do not recommend running the aluminum drive plates, as the splines wear too quick for street or road race use. The Speedway Engineering Steel Grand National drive plate has a 3.06” snout, is 3/8” thick & MUCH stronger than the Mod-Lite Steel drive plate (2.50” snout & 3/16” thick). Most mid-size passenger & muscle cars, with 5x4.5” or 5x4.75” bolt patterns, have wheel hub openings around 2.78” … so your existing wheels probably will NOT fit … but measure your wheels just to be sure. Full size cars like Impalas (All GM B-Bodies & Full Size Fords) as well as ½ Ton GM Trucks … and most race cars … have a 3.06” hub centric snouts & 5x5” bolt patterns. If your wheels have a 2.78” opening for the hub … you need to stick with a Mod-Lite Floater with Steel Mod-Lite drive plates with 2.50” snout size. To run the stronger Grand National rear end … you can have the centric hole in your wheels opened up by an experienced machine shop to 3.08” or order new wheels with a 3.08” centric hole. The only wheel stud options are 1/2” & 5/8”. 7/16” or 12mm studs are not available, as they are too weak. If you need to purchase new lug nuts, I suggest open ended lug nuts so you can keep the long studs & utilize spacers if needed as a tuning tool. The ultimate wheel stud is 5/8” & I highly recommend them. Not the coarse thread NASCAR versions … but the fine thread road race versions. The studs are made by ARP … super strong … and use an equally awesome open ended, deep lug nut from Moroso that has a 7/8” outside hex (not 1” like stock car lugs) & 60° conical seat for aluminum wheels (not 45° like steel stock car wheels). Speedway Engineering Grand National Floater Assembly – OPTIONS  7075-T6 GN Aluminum Floater Hubs $125  1/2” Chrome Lug Nuts 60° Conical Seat – Open Ended Set of 10 $10  5/8” Black Lug Nuts 60° Conical Seat – Open Ended Set of 10 $32  Lightweight .120” Wall 4130 Chromoly Axle Tubes $95  Lightweight Hollow Axles – Gun Drilled $120  35 Spline Axles $150  Cambered Hubs & Crowned Spline Axles $350  Inner Axle Seals - Highly Recommended for Street, AX & RR $89  Weld on Brake Line Tabs $30  Weld on Brake Caliper Mounts - for 11.75 or 12.19” Rotor $100  Weld on Brake Caliper Mounts – for RSRT 13.06” & 14” Rotors $100  Weld on Jack Point under housing $30  Weld on Sway Bar Mount Brackets $50  Weld On Suspension Brackets You Provide $100 per Hour  Weld On RSRT 3-Link lower link/shock mounts (not inc) $100  Weld On RSRT 3-Link, Sway Bar & Watt’s Link Brackets (not inc) $200  Weld On RSRT 3-Link, Sway Bar & Panhard Brackets (not inc) $160  Short Track Style Dust Cap #793 $48  Stock Car Style Dust Cap 793C – Similar to Track-Warrior Hubs $68 793 793C Standard Flat Dust Cap Floater Rear Ends