161 Note about Wheels, Drive Plates, Studs & Lug Nuts: I do not recommend running the aluminum drive plates that are standard with Speedway Mod-Lite floaters, as the splines wear too quick for street, autocross or road race use. There are two Speedway Eng steel drive plate options. The 8620 Steel Drive Plates (good for 600+ HP cars) have 2.50” snouts & that is what we include standard on our floater housings. Most mid-size passenger & muscle cars, with 5x4.5” or 5x4.75” bolt patterns, have wheel hub openings around 2.78”, so your existing wheels should fit, but measure your wheels to be sure. Full size cars like Impalas (All GM B-Bodies & Full Size Fords) as well as ½ Ton GM Trucks … and most race cars … have a 3.06” hub centric snouts & 5x5” bolt patterns. If your wheels have a 2.77” centric opening for the hub … you need to stick with the 8620 Steel Drive Plates (2.50” snout) that we include standard. Or … you can have the centric hole in your wheels opened up by an experienced machine shop to 3.08” & step up to the XHD Grand National Steel Drive Plates (good for 1000+ HP cars) with 3.06” snouts. If you’re ordering new wheels … I highly recommend you order them with a 3.08” centric hole & go with the optional XHD Grand National Steel Drive Plates. The only wheel stud options are 1/2” & 5/8”. 7/16” or 12mm studs are not available, as they are too weak. If you need to purchase new lug nuts, I suggest open ended lug nuts so you can keep the long studs & utilize spacers if needed as a tuning tool. The ultimate wheel stud is 5/8” & I highly recommend them. Not the coarse thread NASCAR versions … but the fine thread road race versions. The studs are made by ARP … super strong … and use an equally awesome open ended, deep lug nut from Moroso that has a 7/8” outside hex (not 1” like stock car lugs) & 60° conical seat for aluminum wheels (not 45° like steel stock car wheels). Speedway Engineering Mod-Lite Floater Assembly – OPTIONS  7075-T6 Aluminum Floater Hubs (No Parking Brake Pkgs Avail) $60  1/2” Chrome Lug Nuts 60° Conical Seat – Open Ended Set of 10 $10  5/8” Black Lug Nuts 60° Conical Seat – Open Ended Set of 10 $32  XHD Grand National Steel Drive Plates - 3.06” Centric Snout $175  Lightweight .120” Wall 4130 Chromoly Axle Tubes $95  Lightweight Hollow Axles – Gun Drilled $120  Cambered Hubs & Crowned Spline Axle $350  Inner Axle Seals - Highly Recommended for Street, AX & RR $89  Weld on Brake Line Tabs $30  Weld on Brake Caliper Mounts - for 11.75 or 12.19” Rotor $100  Weld on Brake Caliper Mounts – for RSRT 13.06” & 14” Rotors $100  Weld on Jack Point under housing $30  Weld on Sway Bar Mount Brackets $50  Weld On Suspension Brackets You Provide $100 per Hour  Weld On RSRT 3-Link lower link/shock mounts (not inc) $100  Weld On RSRT 3-Link, Sway Bar & Watt’s Link Brackets (not inc) $200  Weld On RSRT 3-Link, Sway Bar & Panhard Brackets (not inc) $160  Short Track Style Dust Cap #793 $48  Stock Car Style Dust Cap 793C – Similar to Track-Warrior Hubs $68 793 793C Standard Flat Dust Cap Floater Rear Ends