137 Build Your Track-Warrior Your Way – At Your Pace I used to love fabricating & build cars. I think I enjoyed it as much as racing them … maybe more. I’ve built 205 cars myself in my career. I’m done building them myself. Today I love helping other people build better, safer, faster cars. I’d like to help you build yours. We’re pretty flexible. As you may have seen on these pages, we … the Authorized Track-Warrior Builders & I … will be happy to build you a “Turn-Key” bad ass track car. Or, we can build it as a “roller” in just about any stage. I only listed one stage of roller with body, but within reason, we can build it almost any stage & turn it over to you to finish. But if you want to build it yourself … we offer complete “Build-Your-Own” Track-Warrior Packages … with frame, clips, cage, floater & suspension. Then you can build it & get the rest of parts as you need … when you need. A lot of folks with the desire to build their own Track-Warrior don’t have all the money at once. No worries. We got your back. You can purchase the front frame & suspension package … then the rear … then the rest. Or you can buy it a part at a time. Literally. The next few pages show the front packages, then the rear. But after that there are a ton of pages with every individual part you can imagine to build your hot rod. Buy what you want from us & make the rest. We hope you don’t buy from other shops to mix-n-match. Their part may mix but not match. LOL. In all seriousness, if someone else has the right part … same as we offer … I’ll bet you a beer we’re the same price. We work hard at making sure common & brand name parts are priced competitively with Jeg’s & Summit. I’m asking you to compare prices all your need … but give us a look before you buy … and I think you’ll find the best value & technical support here at Ron Sutton Race Technology. I am especially proud of the GT1 car in these photos, because one of my clients, Dan Kowaleski, built it himself … in his 2-car garage … on a tight budget. He used a floater rear end & Ohlin shocks he already had from a stock car. But the rest are RSRT parts right out of this catalog. He bought a RSRT design service & built the chassis using square tube material like a lot of Trans Am cars. It has the GT front & rear suspension, along with an 800 NASCAR engine & 4-speed Jerico transmission. We ran it Thunderhill Raceway & he was super fast, close to the track record. BYO Track-Warrior