134 The TA Track-Warrior is the Fastest, Best Handling Race Car Chassis & Suspension Ron Sutton has designed without moving the Engine & Driver rearward in the car. You sit in the normal location. This allows you Build-Your-Own state-of the art Race Car with incredible grip & mean track performance. You’ll be fast at any track in your Track-Warrior Car or truck you built !  Complete BYO Package:  TA Track-Warrior Front Frame & SLA Suspension  Sweet Dual Power Rack & Pinion Steering  TA Track-Warrior Rear Frame & 3-Link Suspension  Ridetech Single Adj C/O Shocks - Race-Star Valving  Speedway Engineering 9” GN Floater Rear End  TA Super Triangulated Frame Structure  5-Zone Roll Cage with 1-3/4” x .095” 4130 Main Cage  Build Blueprints with Dimensions  Ron Sutton Tailored Suspension Set-up RST #9032-PK Complete BYO Package w/Panhard Bar $18,399 RST #9032-WK Complete BYO Package w/Watts Link $18,399 * Additional Fee for Two Crates - $400 / Truck Shipping Only Contact Ron Sutton to Discuss:  Your usage, goals & suspension strategy  Car/Truck body you’re planning to utilize  What dimensions you’ll need to provide for RSRT to tailor build & weld your clips  Suspension Options and/or Upgrades Suspensions Assembled & Set-Up = $1200 BYO Track-Warrior