130 Quik-Tune Advantage We offer several suspension kits & components with the name “Quik-Tune” … to help you identify them. Why? Because these items make it quick & easy to tune that part of the suspension setup. This is just as important for my Fun Loving Autocross & Track-Day Folks … as it is my more serious hardcore racers … maybe MORE! I know … some of you just went whaaaat ? Let me explain. A big part of having fun with these cars at Autocross events & Track Days … and even Sportsman level racing for a bunch of you … is enjoying the experience. Doing lots of thrashing on the car sure takes a bunch of fun out of it for many. So if something on the car is not broken … it often gets left alone. So I found a lot of Fun Loving Autocross & Track-Day Folks weren’t tuning on their cars. They’d just drive through the handling problem … be frustrated … but not enough to break out the tool box and change setups. So I came up with a list of basic, easy-to-do tuning things for my clients. And we added some products to make the tuning even easier. REAL EASY. Quick Too. Because I know if takes two guys a bunch of tools & a half hour or more to tune on … a lot of you are not going to do it. And your track day experience suffers because your hot rod is loose … or worse … pushing. So here is my Quick & Easy Strategy … and some parts & planning for your build:  Single Adjustable Shocks – A few clicks on the Rebound Adjustment knob on 2 or 4 shocks can take a baselined car … and dial out the loose condition … or push.  Triple Adjustable Shocks … if your budget can afford … make it so you could get spring change tuning results … without changing springs. Just soften or stiffen the shock compression valving.  Front Sway Bar with 2 holes – Let’s dial in your setup so the softer rate in the longest link mount hole on the arm is good for Autocross & the shorter, stiffer hole provides the optimum rate change for balanced road course track days.  Or … if you only Autocross, let’s use the long hole (softer rate) for tight AX courses … and the short hole (stiffer rate) for more open courses.  Or … if you only run road courses … let’s use the long hole (softer rate) for road courses where the fastest corner is 80-90 MPH … and the short hole (stiffer rate) for big courses with 110-130 MPH sweepers.  If you’re a little more hardcore … run a 3-Piece Front Sway Bar … so you can carry an extra bar in the truck or trailer. The bars themselves are inexpensive.  OMG … make the rear roll center quickly adjustable. Either a Quik-Tune Watts Link (all you need is a ½” ratchet) or a Quik-Tune double adjustable panhard bar (adjustable on both sides). Need more front grip? … raise the rear RC. Need more rear grip? Lower the rear RC. Quick, easy & predictable results.  Run a rear sway bar with multiple holes in the arms … close together. This makes a quick & easy tuning change. Unbolt 2 bolts … move the links to a different hole on the arms … and rebolt them up. All you need is a ¾ socket on your ½” ratchet. Need more front grip? … move the links to a shorter hole. Need more rear grip? Move the links to a longer hole. Quick, easy & predictable results.  Lastly is wheel spacers on the rear (Don’t run them on the front) & only if you have floater hubs & 5/8” studs. We can order your floater ½” narrower. So with no spacer your rear track width is 1” narrower … adding rear grip. You can add spacers … ¼”, ½”, ¾” or 1”. The wider you go with the rear track width the more front grip you’re adding.  So for all of these tuning adjustments we need a jack (or borrow one) a ½” ratchet, ¾” socket & ¾” wrench. Bring a beer bottle opener with you for end of the day BS sessions & you’re set !! BYO Track-Warrior