124 Rolling Chassis with Body A “Track-Warrior Roller” is a great way to insure all the chassis & suspension are done right & give you a jump start on building your car. We build your Track-Warrior into a complete Rolling Chassis with frame, cage, suspension, brakes, rear end, wheels, tires, Lexan & body shell mounted. You, or a shop you chose, finish it. You’ll need to mount the fiberglass doors, front end, deck lid, aero, seats, steering column, safety, engine, drivetrain & plumbing. You finish the easy, less critical stuff that is time consuming & therefore money saving. The TA2 Track-Warrior is the Best Bang for the Buck in track performance & fun. It is a state-of the art Ron Sutton Suspension design to provide excellent handling, in a well built track car with a Muscle Car body on it. All Ron Sutton Road Race Based Components. This will be FAST at any Road Course. Built With:  TA2 Track-Warrior Front Frame & SLA Suspension  Sweet Dual Power Rack & Pinion Steering  TA2 Track-Warrior Rear Frame & 3-Link Suspension  Ridetech Single Adj C/O Shocks - Track-Star Valving  Speedway Engineering 9” Mod-Lite Floater Rear End  Nodular Iron 3 rd Member-Daytona PS-Locker-Gear  Wilwood 13” Road Racing Brakes  TA2 Triangulated Frame Structure  5-Zone Roll Cage with 1-3/4” x .120” DOM Main Cage  Fiberglass Body Your Choose from Our Lineup  OR – A Steel Body You provide & We Cut & Trim Out  Front Splitter & Dual Element Rear Wing Installed  Lexan Windshield, Rear & Quarter Windows  Dash Installed + Seat & Harness Mounts  Steel Sheet Metal Firewall, Floor & Rear Bulkhead  Steel Rear Wheel Tubs / Aluminum Rear Floor  Fuel-Safe 17 Gallon Low CG Cell in Alum Container  18” x 12” Forgeline Wheels  315/30/18 A7 or R7 Hoosier Slicks  Ron Sutton Tailored Suspension Set-up RST #0251-TA2 Body TBD - $59,995 Contact Ron Sutton to Discuss:  Which of the 4 Authorized Track-Warrior Builders to Utilize for Your Car/Truck  Which Fiberglass Body You Want or Using an Existing Steel Bodied Car  Which Options or Upgrades You Want  Ask About the Details of Our Timeline Guarantee Track-Warrior Roller