122 Track Warrior Options Driver Safety Options:  Specific brand, style or color of harness  Sternum strap on harness  HANS device  Helmet microphone & ear buds  Arm restraints  10# fire suppression system  Dual 5# & 10# fire suppression system Cockpit Options:  Driver cool suit package  Electric driver drink system  Removable door windows  Radio holder  Wiring harness & David Clark push-to-talk button  Motorola racing radios systems for driver & crew  Partial to full insulation packages  Sound reduction packages  Upgrade to SFI full containment seat (stronger)  Passenger seat in standard or full containment versions  Custom seat upholstery Exterior Options:  Carbon fiber body or panels  Level 1 paint job (race car)  Level 2 body fit & finish (street car)  Level 2 body paint job (street car)  We do not do Show Car body & paint  You can take it to your custom painter  Engine Bay Sheet Metal  Functional headlights  Windshield wiper system  Additional sets of wheels  Rain tires  Various length front splitters  Custom Fitted Car Cover Tool Options:  Suspension tuning tool kit  Portable track tool box  Rolling pit tool box  Full size pit cart – custom  Dual pit cart – custom Semi Custom: Each Track Warrior car is unique While not a full custom build, each car is customized for the owner in many ways No two are the same. What’s the difference between full custom and semi-custom? In full custom car builds the owner can make every decision on every part & design That wouldn’t work well for a Track Warrior Ron Sutton designs each Track Warrior to the very best performing track car possible Ron designs every aspect of every part in the frame, cage, suspension & steering systems, along with specifying every detail in the geometry, spring & bar rates, shock valving, etc Plus he guides the building of race caliber engines & matches the drivetrain packages to them If not, it wouldn’t be the amazing performing car it is The owner decides many things that make their Track Warrior unique to them, including:  Body choice  Exterior graphic design & colors  Wheel design  Engine power package, transmission & shift method  And Choice of Options Disclaimer: This is a track car and is not designed for legal highway, city street usage or any open public area. It is only intended for closed course event at competition events. Track Warrior cars are built with the intention of competing on closed race courses with all safety gear utilized and the driver accepting the all risks and dangers associated with high speed driving, racing and competition events. RSRT cannot offer any guarantees or assurances the Track Warrior will meet racing series class structure, safety requirements or rules, as these change often and are highly subjective. Got questions? Want to know more? Contact Ron Sutton direct at (844) 722-3832 Ext 3 or email Ron@RonSuttonRaceTechnology.com Turn Key Track-Warriors