115 Standard Interior Features:  Aluminum door & interior panels  Steel floor, firewall & rear builkhead  Driver seat & seat cover – adjustable  Steering column telescoping & height adjustable  Removable fiberglass dash (Alum on TT)  Lightweight removable steering wheel  Digital Dashes on All Track-Warrior Cars  Data Acquisition Standard on TA & GT  Pedal assembly & Aluminum shift lever  Modern fuse panel & fully labeled wiring Quick & Easy Tuning Features:  Rear roll center adjustment in seconds  Adjustable shock valving tunes easily with knobs  Easy rear wing/spoiler angle adjustments to fine tune the downforce balance  Adjustable ride height - go from 3” to 5” of frame clearance with no loss in shock travel  Rear wheel spacers allow quick track width adjustments Standard Tech Support:  The Track Warrior comes ready to drive, completely assembled, aligned, scaled, balanced, bump steered, geometry set, leak checked & ready to run from a Ron Sutton Race Technology authorized Builder  Your Track Warrior comes with a complete suspension set-up sheet with every specification of your individual car  Ron Sutton Race Technology provides you with a simple, easy to understand quick tuning guide to cover almost every track & handling condition with clear tuning instructions  Ron Sutton will be available to you by phone, text & email for your first track day outing Easy Service & Repairs:  First … realize it’s a race car … so it can be maintained, repaired or rebuilt by most race shops  All powertrain, brakes, wheels, suspension & steering components are readily available from RSRT, RSRT Dealers & many race shops  Replacement front & rear clips available to be installed by RSRT or most chassis shops  Replacement body panels available to be installed by RSRT or most fiberglass body shops  There are RSRT Authorized Track-Warrior Builders on the East Coast, Central & West Coast Track Warrior Purchasing Terms:  Prices subject to change, so contact Ron Sutton for current pricing & terms  Six of the bodies have an upcharge / Otherwise all bodies are included in the standard price  Options are additional and quoted on a per client basis  No options or additional work accepted once we contract the build – No exceptions. Nadda.  A down payment is 50% and secures the start & completion date  The second payment of 25% is due halfway through the build, typically 4 to 5 months  The final payment of 25% is due upon completion of car, regardless of pick up date  Ask About the Details of Our Timeline Guarantee Turn Key Track-Warriors