113 Have us Build Your track-Warrior Track-Warrior Purpose: To combine cutting edge racing chassis design, modern high travel/low roll suspension set-ups, proven aerodynamics & hardcore engine power levels that performs on the level of Trans Am & GT1 cars … with a high level of safety, simple track tunability & low maintenance … in a lightweight, easy to drive, unique muscle car body package for fun driving experiences, recreational racing & track days. Standard Chassis Features On All Track-Warrior Cars: Ultra rigid, triangulated, tubular racing chassis  Ron Sutton Optimized Suspension Setup for You  Proper safety clearance for helmet & roll cage tubes  Main hoop & roof hoops fit tightly to body for maximum driver room & protection  SFI approved profiled roll bar padding  Triple triangulated door bars for optimum side impact protection Crush zones designed in front & rear  Multi-level safety fuel cell with cage, metal shell, bladder & anti-slosh foam  Driveshaft containment loop  Quality race plumbing for all fluids, fuel & oil lines routed encased in metal  Onboard 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Suppression System with 3 nozzles for cockpit, fuel cell & engine  Electrical cutoff master switch easily accessible  HD vibration resistant switches & high quality wiring routed for no-chaffing Ergonomic cockpit layout  Steering & seat location fitted to driver  Butlerbuilt full containment racing seat sized for driver  Functional brake lights  5-point adjustable racing harness  Adjustable arm restraint system  Quick release steering wheel for quick & easy exits  Steering column collapsible on front end impacts  Nomex shifter boot  Interior fully sealed from drivetrain & exhaust  External fresh filtered air system for driver  Impact resistant Lexan safety glass  Easy to read Digital Dash  All suspension & steering rod ends are Chromoly, not mild steel  All suspension & steering hardware are Grade 8 or higher, AN or Chromoly  All suspension components, ball joints, bearings & hubs are XHD to handle high-g loads Turn Key Track-Warriors