105 Front Brake Application:  Cars with GM C5/C6 Spindles  Cars with Speedtech/ATS Spindles  Art Morrison C6 Chassis & Frame Clips  Detroit Speed Front Frame Clips  Roadster Shop Chassis & Frame Clips  Cars with Ridetech New Track 1 Spindles  1997-2013 C5/C6 Corvettes Part Numbers, Caliper Color & Pricing: WIL #140-10163 Black $1819.99 WIL #140-10163-R Red $1819.99 WIL #140-10163-N Nickel $1999.99 Wilwood Front Brakes – C5/C6 & Speedtech Aero6 calipers were designed with a permanent bridge to make the caliper Wilwood’s strongest. Built to provide high capacity braking with large diameter rotors for heavy weight and extreme duty vehicles. For Manual brake cars & trucks, we upsize the piston area from 4.04” to 5.40” to achieve a strong braking package. BP-10 brake pads are standard & make a good street pad. For Autocross, I recommend purchase a set of Wilwood “E” pads. For road course track days, you’ll need Wilwood BP-20’s or higher level race pads to handle the heat. Pro-Touring Brakes 14.25” x 1.25” Spec-37 Slotted Rotor