10 Understanding Track-Warrior Packages:  We offer 4 levels of Track-Warrior packages for road course racing & track cars  These are explained in detail at the beginning of the Track-Warrior section Do these weld on or bolt on?  These are tube chassis front, rear & full frame packages  All Track-Warrior frame clips are 2” x 3” design  All weld on / None are bolt on  Each one is tailor built for your car, use & goals  The grip level of these packages require a front to rear full roll cage for strength Can I mix the front & rear Track-Warrior Packages?  Yup. As long as we match up the spring & sway bar rates to achieve balance.  It’s a myth that the front & rear suspension need to be “matched” in design  Discuss your project with Ron Sutton & work out a game plan to achieve your goals Can you Autocross the Track-Warrior stuff?  Heck yeah ! We designed them to do autocross & road course.  Our GT stuff has won national events. The TA & TA2 are also excellent for this  The TT front clips don’t steer as far as needed / They are road course only Do I need to buy a Tech or Design Service?  Maybe. Tech Service #40 for AutoX-Warriors are not needed on Track-Warrior Packages … because we design & build the suspension geometry. We’re not relying on the production frame or clips.  You will need a Tech Service #24 for Ron to work out your optimum spring, sway bar & rear roll center combination. This is included in the BYO Track-Warrior packages  You do NOT need to purchase a RSRT Design Service if you’re buying welded frame clips.  You WILL need to purchase a RSRT Design Service if you’re not buying welded frame clips.  On some things the design service & welding fee are similar if not exactly the same. So most times it makes sense to buy the front and/or rear clips welded from us instead of the design service. Discuss this with Ron if you have questions Understanding Race-Warrior Packages:  Are for racers running in SCCA & NASA class racing, like AS, GT1, SP/SPO, AI, AIX, UL, T1 as well as Trans Am & TA2  There is no set package. Each package is tailored to the client’s class, plans, budget & goals.  Ron’s setups & chassis designs have won at almost every level  If you want to win … or win more … contact Ron Sutton direct & talk about your current car setup and how we can make you a consistent front runner & race winner Key Information